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Packaging Machine Selection

12 Aralık 2022

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Basically packaging of many different sectors; It is the method they use to protect their products, to preserve them for a long time and to prevent them from being damaged by external factors. It is one of the most important parts of the production track especially for the health (pharmaceutical), cosmetics and food sectors.


For this reason, the first thing to do when choosing the packaging machine you will prefer is to determine what kind of product will be packaged. Packaging machines vary according to many criteria. First of all, there are packaging machine types according to the structure and type of the product to be packaged. There are granule packaging machines, powder packaging machines for powder products, liquid product packaging machines for liquid and pasty products, vibratory packaging machines, special packaging machines for special products such as even tea. Another important criterion that determines the type of packaging machine is the packaging type (horizontal, vertical, block, etc.). Apart from these two main criteria, there are many other variables that determine packaging machine types and groups, such as package closing, number of production lines, package material, capacity. In short, choosing a packaging machine is a choice where a lot of detail is a necessity. It is always useful to consult a specialist before purchasing. By the way; Before the service, it is worth reminding that Forma Makine's expert staff is as close as a phone call to answer all your questions.


As we said, although the choice of packaging machine requires mastering many details that require expertise, we would like to convey to you a few more general issues that you should pay attention to when choosing both as a preliminary idea and the subject of our article.


Apart from your product features and type, another important point in the selection of packaging machine is the area where your production line is located or will be established. The physical area where you will place the machine should be determined according to the daily production number and production volume, and the packaging machine should be preferred according to the appropriate size and capacity. Of course, while determining these criteria, it is useful to keep in mind that you can increase capacity in the future according to your goals or budget.


Another determining criterion is your product variety. If you are going to pack different products in a single machine, choosing a semi-automatic or full-automatic packaging machine with Industry 4.0 feature, rather than manual machines, will both reduce the margin of human error by reducing the number of personnel, and ensure that you have full and up-to-date control over your organization by ensuring that you have information on continuous production line data. will provide.


In order not to lose time and effort in product transitions; Another important issue that those who will pack different products with a single packaging machine should pay attention to is that the machine should have easy cleaning and practical maintenance features.

Today, packaging machine technologies; It is worth reminding once again that there are complex structures, even smart devices, that require high investment and contain countless details. And the best advice we can give you is; As we mentioned before, consult professionals who are experts in the subject before you make a purchase decision, not a friend.


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