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Cutting-Edge Technology for Efficient Packaging

Secondary Packaging,TopLoader Machines

Forma Makina offers the most efficient secondary packaging solutions for all industries with its options for boxing machine which represent its high technology and experience in the field. The product range of Forma Makina including Case Erector, Box Former, Toploader Robot and Hot Melt Box Sealer and Closer responds all of your needs for secondary packaging with its superior technology.


Outstanding Performance and Perfect Harmony in Secondary Packaging

Forming and closing

Harmony among the machines comprising the line (Case Erector, Box Former, Toploader Robot and Hot Melt Box Sealer and Closer) is a prerequisite to get the ultimate efficiency from secondary packaging. Secondary packaging machines in the product range of Forma Makina have the capability of operating smoothly with machines from other brands that you use in your production line and with each other.You may both integrate our Case Erector, Box Former, Toploader Robot and Hot Melt Box Sealer and Closer to the end of your production line as secondary packaging machines and use them individually.Secondary packaging machines of Forma Makina enabling to package a wide variety of products at high speeds thanks to our flexible and easily replaceable equipment offer the most effective solutions for packaging of sensitive products by using sensitive carriage systems and robots.Furthermore, we design and produce custom-made and practical automatic packaging solutions with high efficiency in line with your needs.


The Last Word in Automation 

Forma Makina Toploader Robot

Controlled by two servo motors and capable of moving on two axes, Forma Makina’s toploader robot with the capacity of 35kg transports your products to boxes in the most sensitive and effective manner. As in every design of Forma Makina’s solution-oriented technology, Forma Makina’s Toploader Robot also has a practical, flexible and modular structure. The replaceable robot hand with a unique design ensures various products are boxed very easily.


It is the End of Discussion in Secondary Packaging

Hot Melt Box Closer and Sealer

Forma Makina’s Boxing Machine performs closing and sealing processes in a precisely ordered and automated manner for products that are packaged by Toploader Robot which offers flexible and practical packaging solutions thanks to replaceable robot hand. In this process, products in boxes are transported to sealing and closing units sensitively with conveyors that are controlled by servo motor. Forma Makina’s toploader robot enables you to perform a flexible and high-speed production thanks to its unique closing and sealing systems specific to your products.

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