FORMA MAKİNA | Perfection At Every Layer
FORMA MAKİNA | Perfection At Every Layer

Kahramanmaraş'ta meydana gelen ve birçok ilimizde hissedilen deprem bizleri çok üzdü.
Hayatını kaybeden vatandaşlarımıza Allah'tan rahmet, yaralılarımıza acil şifalar diliyoruz.

Forma Makina

Machine Details

Forma Makina

Forma Makina

Forma Makina
450.000 m2

Forma Makina
James Mathews

Forma Makina

Products / Feeding Systems / UBS


The most suitable, efficient, and sensitive feeding solution for your needs.

The user-friendly product feeding system is designed to reflect the industrial experience and technology of Forma Makina with its practical design that offers maximum efficiency. The system is made up of stock and/or feedback band groups, an inlet conveyor, and a dispensing station.

The system is designed for feeding one or more high-capacity, fully automatic packaging machines. The Forma Makina Product Feeding System functions well with coating lines, chocolate filling lines, bar lines, and baking ovens. It is also compatible with sequential or clustered product lines with various geometric shapes.

  • Inlet conveyor controlled with PLC
  • Automated product group lining, spacing and aligning
  • Special construction design which enables easy changing of bands
  • Band width options of 650 mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm or 1400 mm
  • Pneumatic tension
  • Automated band centering system
  • Silent operation
  • The technology to extend the band life
  • Materials suitable for food contact

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