FORMA MAKİNA | Perfection At Every Layer
FORMA MAKİNA | Perfection At Every Layer
Forma Makina

Machine Details

Forma Makina
1060 mm

Forma Makina
8870 mm

Forma Makina
1840 mm

Forma Makina
1265 kg

Forma Makina
15,6 kW/h

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Different industries, The same quality packaging

The YA-200 is a medium-segment packaging machine designed to provide a packaging solution for a variety of product groups from different industries. Due to its durable and efficient design, the YA-200 is widely used worldwide for the packaging of products such as cake, wafers, and biscuits. Designed in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards, it enables you to control data on capacity, energy, productivity, and maintenance from a single point.

  • Stainless steel chassis structure
  • Long lasting use in humid and corrosive environments,
  • Hot and cold packaging
  • Maximum capacity of 250 package/minute in hot packaging
  • Maximum capacity of 400 package/minute in cold packaging
  • Servo controlled major axes
  • Automatic bobbin transfer group
  • Easily changeable, pusher design with proportional tension system
  • Thanks to a unique design, minimal maintenance and service periods
  • User-friendly design enables time and financial efficiency
  • Bowtie option on jaw group


Cloven feed inline: Used for block packaging

Carton cut inline: It provides cardboard packaging to protect products such as cakes and biscuits.

Inline with metal detector: It is used to prevent metal in products.

Non-contact inline: It is preferred for packaging products that stick together or soft and asymmetrical products.

Double-feed inline: It is used to make pillow type packaging on top of each other.

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