FORMA MAKİNA | Perfection At Every Layer
FORMA MAKİNA | Perfection At Every Layer
Forma Makina

Machine Details

Forma Makina
850 mm

Forma Makina
1750 mm

Forma Makina
1300 mm

Forma Makina
320 kg

Forma Makina
6 kW

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Maximum Efficiency In Production Lines

Designed to minimize the amount of waste in the production line, Discard Mill ensures wafer pieces sorted during production are grinded.Grinded pieces may be reused in the cream preparation process if desired.Consisting of two section, the first section of the machine ensures wafer discards are separated into rough chunks.In the second part, those pieces are grinded into a powder form.Discard products are fed manually from upper section of the machine through a hinged lid.Grinded products are discharged from a channel located on the side of the machine through plastic wheeled boxes.

Thanks to its design complying with Industry 4.0 standards, the machine ensures certain data can be controlled at a single point, such as capacity, energy, efficiency, maintenance, etc.

  • Stainless steel
  • Practical use and available for maintenance; special grinding blade and design of food contact surfaces
  • 130 kg of waste repurposing
  • 100-micron maximum discard grinding thickness
  • 7,5 Kw/h of energy consumption
  • Materials suitable for food contact

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