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What is a Wafer Baking Oven?

13 Şubat 2024

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What is a Wafer Baking Oven?

A wafer baking oven is a specialized piece of equipment used in the production of wafer products. Wafers are thin, crispy, and often sweet treats that can be enjoyed on their own or used as a component in various desserts and snacks. The wafer baking oven is designed to bake wafer batter into thin sheets or layers. The batter typically consists of ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, and fat. The baking process involves spreading the batter evenly over a hot surface within the oven, where it is quickly baked and forms the thin wafer sheets. The oven's temperature, baking time, and other factors are carefully controlled to achieve the desired texture and crispiness of the wafers.

The production of wafers is a precise and controlled process, and the baking oven plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and consistency of the final product. After baking, the wafer sheets can be further processed, such as by cutting into desired shapes or layering with fillings.

In the food industry, wafer baking ovens are commonly used by manufacturers to mass-produce wafers for commercial distribution. These ovens can come in various sizes and configurations depending on the scale of production. Wafer baking is not only an integral part of the dessert industry but also finds applications in snacks, confectionery, and other culinary creations.

Features of Wafer Baking Ovens 

The hook system, also known as the 3rd generation, is a baking technology with a modular design. The wafer baking oven, which bakes flat and hollow wafer sheets, optionally creates fine and medium-depth patterns. In the wafer baking oven, the baking molds are heated, and the wafer sheets are baked in this way. The front and rear body of the wafer baking oven, which has a modular design, is fixed, and modules containing 10 baking molds can be added to the oven as needed. Designed in compliance with Industry 4.0, this ergonomic design allows for centralized control of all data, including capacity, energy, efficiency, and maintenance. It is produced from a cast frame. Certified materials suitable for food contact are used in all parts that come into contact with food, and these materials are stainless. There are minimum of 30 molds and a maximum of 90-120 mold capacities.

Average Baking Time: 2.1 minutes

Maximum Mold Quantity: 120

Maximum Capacity: 55 Sheets/Minute (350 kg/h)

Energy usage can be selected according to demand:


Natural Gas


The gas system of the baking oven is meticulously designed.

Burners capable of directly heating both the bottom and top baking molds and moving around their own axis ensure even heat distribution across the entire baking surface.

A monitor can be used to heat the oven, and an automatic ignition system is available.


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