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New evaluation mechanisms of the food industry

10 Ekim 2022

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The crises experienced in the last 10 years, such as the pandemic, have caused significant changes in the food sector as well as in every sector. Due to these changes, naturally, food safety is no longer an area that is evaluated only through HACCP; It has become a subject that is examined in much more detail with its different dimensions such as Food Counterfeiting (VACCP) and Food Defense (TACCP).

So what is this VACCP and TACCP?
VACCP (Food Counterfeiting): Food Sensitivity Assessment (Vulnerability Assessment). For example, VACCP, which inspects illegal practices where the producer may gain economic self-interest, such as overestimating the values ​​​​of food content or using various chemicals to reduce the cost, in short, inspects food counterfeiting, that is, whether the product content and the product match.

TACCP (Food Defense): Threat Assessment. Especially after covid, TACCP has become an area that attracts the attention of the public even more and is given importance. To the food producer and consumer; These are the risk assessments made to prevent the occurrence of situations such as deliberately damaging the food by contaminating the food with harmful substances for the sake of political or ideological purposes or personal interests.

TACCP, VACCP and HACCP; they all make evaluations in more or less the same field, you might think what is the difference from each other. Yes, even though their fields intersect, even the smallest detail should not be overlooked in order to prevent disasters in a sector that directly affects human health such as food. The main difference between them is that HACCP focuses on unintentional food safety risks that may arise. VACCP and TACCP focus on deliberate interventions to food.

Summary of the matter If you are a food producer, the controls and evaluations that are expected of you and that you have to comply with have become much more stringent. Therefore, when choosing a machine for your production line; Pay attention to whether it has certificates showing compliance with international standards as well as features such as energy consumed, capacity, speed. Remember; The course of the food industry shows us that, if not today, tomorrow, it is highly likely that the aforementioned inspections and evaluations will come to you as well.


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