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Ayone who does not like wafer ?

23 Haziran 2022

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Did you know that one of the most commonly consumed sweet is wafer ? It seems that  all the world is craving for wafer when it comes to packed, ready to consume food thinking of various types of spread cream inside the layers of crispy wafer sheets. Just like the famous brand says “ Anyone who does not like wafer?”


For some people, the origin of this delicious sweet is considered to go back as far as the industrial revolution, for others it has derived from the some regions of France in the middle ages. But the common ground is wafer has centuries of history. On the other hand, in gastronomy  wafer is described as a thin, flat and crunchy biscuit. Another side information from us that can spark you in common conversations.


We mentioned on the history of wafer. What about today? Nowadays, consumers are more demanding and conscious in this diversity of food market. Especially when it comes to nutrition they are mostly concerned. Demand on GDO free and organic products is rising rapidly because of the considiration of food safety issues. This situation and rising competition in the market lead the suppliers to increase the diversity in products as well as putting a weight on commercials and promotions. Suppliers are trying to develop new ideas that promotes the interest of the consumers.


Truly wafer should not be underestimated. The industry is expected to become 55 billion dollars in wolrd wide scale. Asia-Pacific area is expected to be the most rapidly growing region in wafer industry in the leadership of China and India.   


It is interesting that the numbers say that society can not give up on sweets and sugaries. After all the awareness on eating habits and healthy lifestyle, wafer industry is rapidly growing. The most significant reason is that the popularity of wafer among young adults and children. It seems that there is nothing to say for the addiction of wafer in society. Weather a favorite product of a child or a sweet bite for an adult, let’s say horaayy to eating wafer.


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