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FORMA MAKİNA | Perfection At Every Layer

User-Friendly Technology, Forma Makine

26 Aralık 2022

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Today, wafer production line technologies are; high-cost structures, even smart autonomous devices, designed with attention to countless details. Naturally in every machine, the use is thought to require special expertise as the technology contained increases, such as difference between flying an airplane and driving a car. As forma machine, one of the most important target issues for us is exactly this point, namely being user friendly.


From our wafer production lines, to our feeding units and of course to our packaging machines; As Forma Makine, being user-friendly is one of our 4 priority criteria in the technology productions we realize and develop;


•  High performance,

•  Long life and durability,

•  Less energy consumption,

•  User friendly


One of the constant questions we ask ourselves in every technology we design is “Can a new employee use and manage our machine?” Basically, in order to answer yes to this question, the user experience guides us in our designs from the very first beginning to the end. The feedbacks we receive and even demand from each of our customers and operators we work with enable our R&D team to create the correct scenarios in the process of designing the next Forma Machine according to what is demanded by the industry. Because the correct answer corresponds to the correct question.


This point of view, or rather, since we listen to the voices of industry players and operators, today all of our new technologies comply with the Industry 4.0 standard and all processes can be managed with user-friendly menus on a single screen. Human-induced errors are minimized. Even though we say it ourselves, using Forma Makine technologies is almost a child's play and Forma Makine is friendly to the entire industry, from employer to operator.


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