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What are Secondary Packaging Solutions?

02 Nisan 2024

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As you approach the decision of whether to outsource your product packaging or handle it in-house, gaining a deeper understanding of various packaging types and services becomes crucial. Now, you are seeking a clear explanation of secondary packaging. You aim to comprehend what exactly secondary packaging entails, how the process functions, and whether it is more beneficial to handle secondary packaging internally or to entrust it to a contract packaging (co-packing) company. This article will elucidate the concept of secondary packaging, providing insights into its nature and operation. By the end of this reading, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision on whether outsourcing your secondary packaging requirements to a contract packaging company aligns with the overall success of your business.

Secondary packaging is the additional layer of packaging applied to a product following the initial or primary packaging.

For instance, take the paperboard box containing the plastic bottle that holds over-the-counter sleep aids or painkillers. In this case, the box is considered a type of secondary packaging.

What Purpose Does Secondary Packaging Serve?

Secondary packaging serves several important purposes in the overall packaging and distribution process. While primary packaging is designed to contain and protect the product itself, secondary packaging is focused on providing additional protection, convenience, and branding at a higher level. 

Secondary packaging provides an extra layer of protection to the primary packaging and the product within. It helps safeguard the product from external elements such as dirt, moisture, and physical damage during transportation and handling. Secondary packaging is often used to group individual products together. This can be particularly useful for products sold in multiples, creating convenient bundles for retailers and consumers. Secondary packaging provides additional space for including important information, instructions, and regulatory details. This is especially relevant for products in industries like pharmaceuticals and food, where clear labeling and information are essential. Secondary packaging can simplify the handling of products during storage and transportation. It may include handles, perforations, or other features that make it easier for consumers and distributors to carry or open the packaging.

Robot Solutions in Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging, providing an efficient packaging solution for all sectors, consists of a product range that includes Box Stacking, Box Shaping, Box Packing Robot, and Box Sealing & Gluing Machines. It meets all secondary packaging needs with superior performance. Secondary Packaging Machines work in harmony with each other and with other machines that make up your production line. You can integrate it at the end of your production line or use this machine separately. It has flexible and easily upgradable equipment, allowing the packaging of various product items at high speeds. Precise transport systems and robots in secondary packaging systems enable the packaging of delicate products.


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