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What is The Feeding System?

25 Aralık 2023

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Feeding systems are mechanisms used for transporting products to different heights in various machines. Feeding screws are employed in machines such as packaging machines, filling machines, dosing machines, mixing machines, and similar types of machinery. Thanks to feeding systems easily integrated into these machine types, products, including powder, granules, and powder-granule mixtures, can be efficiently transported to different heights in the respective machines, reducing workload and enabling quick transfers. Within feeding systems, there are different product categories, such as bottle and jar feeding systems, powder and granule feeding systems, and helical feeding and conveying systems.

What are The Main Sectors Where Feeding Systems are Used?

Manufacturing: In manufacturing industries, feeding systems are used to supply raw materials or components to production lines.

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical manufacturing relies on feeding systems to ensure a continuous and accurate supply of ingredients for drug production.

Chemical Industry: Feeding systems are employed in the chemical sector to deliver chemicals and raw materials for the manufacturing of various products.

Packaging: Feeding systems are utilized in packaging lines to supply materials for packaging and labeling processes.

Features of Feeding System

The product feeding system, offering maximum efficiency with its practical design, is a reflection of Forma Makina's experience and technology. The product feeding system, also known as UBS, is used to feed single products to the packaging machines and consists of an input conveyor, distribution station, and stock or feedback belt groups. The UBS can be connected to 7 machines.

Designed to feed one or more high-capacity automatic packaging machines, the Product Feeding System ensures the smooth transition of products to the packaging stage. It operates in sync with coating lines, chocolate filling, bar lines, and baking ovens. It is designed to be compatible with product lines of different geometric shapes and sequential or clustered configurations. All components in contact with food are made from food-grade certified materials and are stainless steel, ensuring hygiene and safety.

Important properties of feeding systems are as follows:

  • PLC-controlled input conveyor,
  • Automatic sorting, spacing, and alignment of product groups,
  • Special construction design for easy belt replacement,
  • Belt Width Options: 650 mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm,
  • Pneumatic tensioning system,
  • Automatic belt centering system,
  • Silent operation feature,
  • Technology that extends belt life,

In conclusion, feeding systems are the unsung heroes of industrial processes, ensuring a steady and controlled supply of materials that is vital for the seamless functioning of production lines. As industries continue to advance, the development and optimization of feeding systems will play a key role in enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.


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