FORMA MAKİNA | Perfection At Every Layer
FORMA MAKİNA | Perfection At Every Layer

Kahramanmaraş'ta meydana gelen ve birçok ilimizde hissedilen deprem bizleri çok üzdü.
Hayatını kaybeden vatandaşlarımıza Allah'tan rahmet, yaralılarımıza acil şifalar diliyoruz.


Perfection at every layer


Journey of Forma Makina started in 1989 with production of packaging machines. Then, our story has turned into a success story which has spread over various sectors thanks to our business understanding that centers around the passion of perfection. 


During our journey that we set out with the approach of high quality and superior service, we continue producing the best machinery to add value to every sector we touch, and working to offer our customers perfection. Every new solution we develop is the achievements of this infinite adventure as we have never given up of following the cutting-edge technology in order to chase the flawlessness.As Forma Makina, in addition to our turn-key automated wafer production lines complying with ISO 9001:2015 standards that we produce for the food sector, we also offer packaging machines and high-capacity feeding systems for many other industries, such as sanitation, health, automotive, hardware, etc. We shape each of our product according to world standards and put our signature under high-performance, practical, durable, user-friendly and unique designs.We put our experience and knowledge which are evolving more year by year into service of the whole world. Today, Forma Makina is a worldwide brand which performs its production for exportation at a rate of 90%. As every world’s giant, we focus on 100% customer satisfaction with our ERP-based system and adopt the same approach of quality and perfection in our after-sales services.